Damn, boy you make it hard

"It's a mystery

I know that something happened in your history

Oh, it's too much to risk

You give me some, but you've been holding most of it

Back, so it's no surprise

Everything you do, I over analyze

Breathe, in and out

Baby, give me something new to think about"


Ellie Goulding


Säg mig babe hur de kommer sig..

"Kan du ens höra hur de låter?

Vet du ens vad de är du säger? 

Så gör inte någonting av ingenting, du vet hur de går ner

För om vi letar fel så hittar vi, du vet hur de går ner"



We're not star crossed lovers

"It's not enough to lay your head down on my chest

And talk about our future like we'd ever had a chance

Baby, there's no room to grow

We gotta let this go, back away slow"